Clear Communication

“The two words ‘Information’ and ‘Communication’ are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through.”   Sydney J. Harris

This is our last week of ‘Purification‘ and I was thinking about how it applies to communication.

As I was filling up water bottles this evening at the sink using our water filtration system, I imagined the same system for our conversations.


Imagine being able to pour your thoughts, words and ideas into a ‘filter‘ that can trap all that muck!     The only thing left is pure and clear communication.

We need to apply the same principles of cleaning our water to our communication exchanges. So much of our communication is muddled, murky, and misunderstood!

It wreaks havoc in our relationships. Creates conflicts in our workplaces. And, it leaves us feeling frustrated, shutout, and shutdown.

Instead of ‘Giving out Information’ – which tends to be a one-sided conversation, let’s focus more on ‘Connecting through Conversation‘.

Open your Mind. Clear a Path.  ‘Purify’ your Intentions.

Then look out for a flow of clear, honest, communications!

How about you?  Leave your comments below.

Here’s to living a Heart-Centered Life filled with Passion, Purpose & Play.

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Patience is Purifying

“Patience is a purifying process that refines understanding, deepens happiness, focuses action, and offers hope for peace.” – Dieter Uchtdorf


Patience has never been one of my strong suits.

I always wanted to be on the ‘other-side’ of things:

  • Growing up
  • Kids Growing up (out of diapers, teen years, house)
  • Driving in Traffic
  • Waiting in Lines
  • Getting in Shape
  • Growing my Business

I’ve wasted too much time, energy and tranquility in frustration!

Impatience is clearly not the road to Joy & Happiness!

Focused Action is one way to purify our impatience, as the quote states. 

When I’m patient and calm, it’s easier to focus, put an action plan into place, and take the necessary steps, one step at a time.  I don’t feel the same need to rush things along.

When I do the work and allow the process to unfold, I can relax in the knowing that things are moving at the pace and rate they need to for success!

It also means knowing what your ‘Impatient’ triggers are so you can put into place strategies and tools that will purify your thoughts and actions in those moments.

I now listen to books in my car.  I keep a journal so I can look back to see how far I’ve come when it seems progress is too slow.  And, most importantly, I practice Mindfulness and do my best to live in the moment!

While I don’t miss diapers – I do wish some days I could go back to those times and better appreciate them – without the desire to rush along.  My twins are now almost 21-years old and I’m definitely in no rush for them to grow old!

Myself either!  I’d rather enjoy every day – Good, Bad, or In-between! So, I am practicing Patience every day and I am rewarded with more Peace, Tranquility, and Happiness!

How about you?  Leave your comments below!

Here’s to living a Heart-Centered Life with more Passion, Purpose, and Play!







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Polished Pearl

“Out of Clutter, Find Simplicity.
From Discord, Find Harmony.
In the middle of Difficulty, Lies Opportunity.” – Albert Einstein



What I love about this quote is it reminds me of the ‘Pearl’ that lies within us all.

I’ve been working hard over these past few months to clear out the clutter in my apartment, off my desk (and bulletin board) and my MIND.

The Discord in my head is like murky water that needs Purifying.

We need to keep pouring Positive Thoughts, Ideas, and Actions into our daily routines.

We’ll never Cultivate the Pearl if we’re not willing to open up to a different way of thinking, being and living.

There have been a number of Difficulties going on in my household for the past few years.  It can be easy to get stuck in the muck and murky waters of challenges.  It gets harder to see the opportunities when you’ve closed to eyes and mind to those possibilities.

It starts with Purifying your Thoughts!  Every time you find yourself saying something negative, pour a positive thought into yourself.  Actually … drink some water as a reminder that we need to hydrate not just our bodies  – but our minds!

Instead of ‘OMG – what am I going to do about …’

Say: “While this may be scary, I know I have the strength to handle this.”

The more we declutter our thoughts (and spaces), the easier it becomes to find the harmony we desire.  Then, the opportunities shine like the Polished Pearl within us!

How about you???  Leave your comments below – love to hear from you!

Here’s to Living a Heart-Centered Life filled with Passion, Purpose and Play!




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Recharge & Energize

“Taking time to rest, renew, and refresh yourself isn’t wasted time.
Recharge. Choose what energizes you
Melody Beattie




There’s nothing like recharging your batteries!

For me, it’s always around water.  When I need to
recharge I find a lake, river, ocean or even brook.

For you, maybe it’s the mountains, or the desert,
or the city, or the country.

Recharging yourself is never wasted time!

We live in a culture and country that
tells us to Go-Go-Go!

As I’ve said before, you can’t keep going
without taking time to recharge
without eventually burning out!

Stress and Burnout are the #1 Reasons 
people leave their jobs,
experience ill health,
and lose their Joy and Zest for Life!

Here’s some ways to Recharge your Life  ….

  • Go for a Hike or Walk
  • Drink more Water
  • Explore your city or town on foot
  • Take a class at your local Adult Educational Center
  • Try something New and (maybe) a little scary (stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone)  
  • Write down what you’re Grateful for in your life
  • Help others: Volunteer, Donate, Offer assistance where needed
  • Recommit to Goals that ‘Jazz’ you
  • Take a Jazz class (or Aerobic, or Hip-Hop, or Ballroom, or Zumba – you get the idea)
  • Let go of Negative Habits, Negative Thoughts, Negative ‘Nellies’
  • Focus on the Positive things in the World
  • Practice Self-Care

How about you???  What Recharges your Batteries & Energizes you?  Share your comments below.

Here’s to living a Heart-Centered Life filled with Passion, Purpose, and Play!


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Take a Break

“Rest when you’re weary.  Refresh and renew yourself, 

your body, your mind,  your spirit.  Then get back to work.” – Ralph Marston



All Work and No Rest makes for a very imbalanced life.

More and more people in the workplace (and personally) are recognizing the importance
of taking breaks to refresh and renew themselves.

And, I don’t mean taking a ‘coffee-break‘, cigarette break, or vending machine break (unless it has healthy food)!

To truly feel rested and refreshed, we may need to break from routine!

Try something New – Different!

Or Renew a practice that you’ve abandoned.

I teach a lot of Mindfulness programs in the workplace.  And one of the comments I frequently here are how much more refreshed people feel afterwards.

Sitting quietly, focusing on the breath, the moment, and letting everything else go, is a wonderful way to renew your mind, body and spirit!

We need to give ourselves time to refresh ourselves so we can then decide what we want to ‘get back to work’ on.

Some of the things I’ve decided to Renew this year are:

After a holiday break, which included lots of rest and reflection, I am definitely ready to get back to work!

Work on my Goals. Work on my Business. Work on Myself!

How about you?  Leave your comments below.

Here’s to living a Heart-Centered Life filled with Passion, Purpose & Play!



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Reflect upon your Blessings


“Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has many,
not upon your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.
” – Charles Dickens


Many of my friends echoed the sentiment
that they hope 2020 will be better than 2019.

It was a challenging year for many people all around the world,
between natural disasters, political strife and personal tragedies.

However, it was also an incredible year full of
Blessings, Opportunities, and Miracles!

The question is where are you Focusing your Attention,
upon your Misfortunes or your Blessings?

Are you looking Forward in Anticipation or Dread?

Here’s what Blessings I’m Reflecting on: 

  • While my family had many personal challenges, we all pulled together to support each other
  • My husband’s colon-cancer is responding to treatment
  • I have amazing people in my life
  • My health is good and I live a vibrant life
  • I have 6 cats currently (not sure that’s a blessing – but certainly entertaining)

This means I get to choose how I want to live it – every day!

I can wallow in misery about all my misfortunes (of which I have some), or celebrate my blessings – of which I have many!  Many more than I listed above!

Today I choose to look forward in Anticipation and Positive Expectancy!

I know that no matter what lies ahead, I am capable and able to handle it all.  I stay the course and focus on my goals, and when necessary – course correct! 

Hope you’ll join me in reflecting about your blessings! Post your comments & share below.

Here’s to living a Heart-Centered Life with Passion, Purpose & Play!




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Image of a road heading off into the horizon

“I am open to the endless possibilities of this year.” – Louise Hay


This quote is from my ‘I Can Do it‘ daily calendar
and it seemed like the perfect quote to kick off the new year.

As I started working on my annual goals for 2020,
I reflected back to see what goals I’d accomplished in 2019:

  • Launched ‘365 Days of Giving’
  • Developed a ‘Mental Health Awareness’ program for Int’l Publishing Firm
  • Coached a celebrity (non-disclosure clause precludes me from revealing who)
  • Created my speaking Sizzle Reel

The interesting thing I discovered was most of these accomplishments were unforeseen and unplanned!

It got me thinking!

How can I create goals and objectives that I DO want to accomplish,
yet still be open and flexible to the endless possibilities that could come my way!

Another way to think about this is Reflecting on what I did accomplish and why – or why not, and use that information to Renew those goals (or not) and Recharge my plans.

It’s like playing cards (kinda).  We’re dealt a specific hand and we decide what we want to do with it.  We can keep trying to get that ‘Ace’ or flush, or be open to changing our hand when other cards come our way.  We can still be a winner with a different outcome!


I was playing Gin Rummy with my kids last night and we went round and round waiting for the ‘right’ card to come, when we all realized that we may be better off changing our hand.  And, once we did that, someone quickly won that round.

Now, I’m not saying don’t pursue your goals or give up on your dreams. I’m 100% all for that!  (Watch my upcoming email about my new program to achieve your goals).

What I am suggesting is that we look out at the horizon that is 2020 and recognize that the endless possibilities that are awaiting us.

Possibilities that are Amazing, Incredible, and Infinite!

Hear’s to living a life of Passion, Purpose, and Play!



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Recommit to your Purpose


New Beginnings Month / Purpose Week


If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams,
and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined,
he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours

                                                                         – Henry David Thoreau


This has always been one of my favorite quotes!

I have found in my life when I’ve made a decision and committed to moving forward with my goals, opportunities show up that I could never have expected!

And, I’ve also discovered that when those decisions are tied to things that I’m passionate about and provide a sense of purpose, I’m much more likely to meet with success!

As I write this I know that things are unfolding perfectly for me to achieve the goals I set for this year.  Recommitting to my purpose of helping people live and work with more Passion, Purpose and Play, gave me the opportunity to do the same!

I’m committed to playing more – for sure!

I’m committed to appreciating life and living in the moments.

And, I’m committed to giving more to others everyday!

So – far 365DaysofGiving has been a success!  Day 18 & Counting!

How about you???  Post your comments, thoughts, and share this post.




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Reignite your Passion


Photo: Gretchen Miller

JANUARY THEME:  New Beginnings

M&M’s:  Motivational Musings

January 7th. – Passion Week


Oprah Winfrey said, “Passion is Energy.  Feel the passion that comes from focusing on what excites you.”

Can you feel her passion in this quote?  There’s nothing like feeling the energy of doing what you love.

I absolutely love doing what I do.  Workshops. Consulting. Coaching. Speaking. Writing.

How about You?  Are you focusing on what Excites you? 

January is the perfect time to begin anew.

Refocus on your Goals. Renew your Commitments. Reconnect with your Passion.

This weeks Affirmation:  “I reignite my Passion for Life”  


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{Schedule Time with Me!}  

Happy Almost 2019!

I’m excited about making plans for the New Year!  How about you? No???  Maybe?
Well – that’s where I can help!  I decided to get clear about how I can assist more people and I’m launching the ‘Year of Giving‘.  I’ll be giving away something every day of the year in 2019. (Watch for my upcoming newsletter).

But, I thought … why not start now!  I’m launching a new coaching program and scheduling strategy sessions  through early next year.

These 75-min. sessions will help you: 

  • Get Clear about What you Want to do in 2019
  • Create a Goal
  • And set-up Support!  

Don’t start the New Year Confused, Lost & Perplexed!  

These sessions are usually $250 but I’m offering a year-end 50% Discount.   

AND – I’m giving away my time to the FIRST 3 PEOPLE that register.  You will receive a FREE FOLLOW-UP session at no cost!  Plus, if you decide to enroll in the full-program,  I will apply what you’ve paid to the cost.

Don’t Delay!  Register Today!  Remember, the first 3 People get an additional session at NO COST!

Here’s to living a Heart-Centered Life filled with Passion, Purpose & Play!

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