Recommit to your Purpose


New Beginnings Month / Purpose Week


If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams,
and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined,
he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours

                                                                         – Henry David Thoreau


This has always been one of my favorite quotes!

I have found in my life when I’ve made a decision and committed to moving forward with my goals, opportunities show up that I could never have expected!

And, I’ve also discovered that when those decisions are tied to things that I’m passionate about and provide a sense of purpose, I’m much more likely to meet with success!

As I write this I know that things are unfolding perfectly for me to achieve the goals I set for this year.  Recommitting to my purpose of helping people live and work with more Passion, Purpose and Play, gave me the opportunity to do the same!

I’m committed to playing more – for sure!

I’m committed to appreciating life and living in the moments.

And, I’m committed to giving more to others everyday!

So – far 365DaysofGiving has been a success!  Day 18 & Counting!

How about you???  Post your comments, thoughts, and share this post.




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Reignite your Passion


Photo: Gretchen Miller

JANUARY THEME:  New Beginnings

M&M’s:  Motivational Musings

January 7th. – Passion Week


Oprah Winfrey said, “Passion is Energy.  Feel the passion that comes from focusing on what excites you.”

Can you feel her passion in this quote?  There’s nothing like feeling the energy of doing what you love.

I absolutely love doing what I do.  Workshops. Consulting. Coaching. Speaking. Writing.

How about You?  Are you focusing on what Excites you? 

January is the perfect time to begin anew.

Refocus on your Goals. Renew your Commitments. Reconnect with your Passion.

This weeks Affirmation:  “I reignite my Passion for Life”  


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{Schedule Time with Me!}  

Happy Almost 2019!

I’m excited about making plans for the New Year!  How about you? No???  Maybe?
Well – that’s where I can help!  I decided to get clear about how I can assist more people and I’m launching the ‘Year of Giving‘.  I’ll be giving away something every day of the year in 2019. (Watch for my upcoming newsletter).

But, I thought … why not start now!  I’m launching a new coaching program and scheduling strategy sessions  through early next year.

These 75-min. sessions will help you: 

  • Get Clear about What you Want to do in 2019
  • Create a Goal
  • And set-up Support!  

Don’t start the New Year Confused, Lost & Perplexed!  

These sessions are usually $250 but I’m offering a year-end 50% Discount.   

AND – I’m giving away my time to the FIRST 3 PEOPLE that register.  You will receive a FREE FOLLOW-UP session at no cost!  Plus, if you decide to enroll in the full-program,  I will apply what you’ve paid to the cost.

Don’t Delay!  Register Today!  Remember, the first 3 People get an additional session at NO COST!

Here’s to living a Heart-Centered Life filled with Passion, Purpose & Play!

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Just say Yes!


I’m honored to have been interviewed for EpiCoach series called ‘Three for Thursday’.  It’s a weekly blog highlighting different peoples wisdom about life!


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Volume II is just around the Corner


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Today is the Day! Grab your copy 9am-12p

Today is the Day! Grab your copy 9am-12pm PST. Get Motivated to live an Inspired Life!

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If you’re tired of Status Quo and hungr

If you’re tired of Status Quo and hungry for better life – the Bigger Game workshop is for you! Saturday Global Truth Center

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Ready to Spring Clean your Life? Come to

Ready to Spring Clean your Life? Come to the Bigger Game workshop 4/8 Global Truth Center Rick Tamlyn James Mellon

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Tomorrow Morning – 11am – Studio City –

Tomorrow Morning – 11am – Studio City – Bigger Game Intro – See you there! Global Truth Center Rick Tamlyn

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Bigger Game Intro Workshop Sat. 3/25 11a

Bigger Game Intro Workshop Sat. 3/25 11am-12pm Global Truth Center Rick Tamlyn Come Play & Break through Boundaries

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