Dr. Ellen Contente

Stress Relief Expert

Hi and Welcome to Heart-Centered Life!

As the Founder and Chief Positivity Officer of  Heart-Centered Programs, my motto is to ‘Empower People to live and work with more  Passion, Purpose and Play’™!

Having worked with thousands of business people and individuals all over the United States, I know what keeps you up at night. What stresses you. What creates anxiety. What kind of life you’d rather be living!

I know … because I was there!

I had a high-stress position in a technology company filled with untenable quotas and impossible expectations. I was commuting two-hours each way to an office, and then had my second fulltime job (Parent) after work. I was overwhelmed and exhausted. And it started to impact my performance.

Then 911 hit. Like the rest of the world – I was in shock and in ‘freeze’ mode. The ‘new normal’ of living in fear and anxiety only added to my already stressful life and it was only a matter of time before my life imploded.

Fast forward to 2020, and we’re all living in one of the most anxious and stressful periods in history, between the COVID-19 Pandemic, social unrest, and climate change.

Stay@Home, Work@Home, Kids@Home is now the ‘New Normal’.

I know what’s it’s like to transition to working from home and trying to take care of your kids while trying to meet deadlines and quotas. Trying to create healthy boundaries and productive routines. I was there once and all this trying is very …


And it takes its’ toll on our health and well-being. Had I not decided to leave my previous job, I probably would have be fired for not meeting my quota! Or worse – end up in the hospital with stress-induced diabetes, like a colleague of mine!

So, instead of looking for another High-Stress job, I made the decision to start my own business and help others better manage their stress.

That’s how Heart-Centered Programs was born!

I am passionate about creating positive and healthy change and delivering stress management solutions. I believe it’s never too late to create healthier habits and live the life you’ve always wanted.  

This blog contains Articles, Tips, Strategies, and Tools to help you create inner-balance and navigate life’s challenges!

I invite you to join our Stress Management Community Challenge Facebook group to jumpstart your success!

And – I hope you’ll also contribute your own best-practices through your comments!

You can also join our list so the tips go straight to your inbox, such as our weekly ‘M&M’s – Motivation Musings!

Finally, in this virtual bubble we’re all now living in, you can rest easy knowing that your training initiatives can still be met through online delivery. I’m certified to facilitate your sessions in multiple platforms!

Here’s to living a Stress-Free Life!

ps – You can get your own copy of ‘M&M’s; Motivational Musings to live an Inspired Life, contact me for a signed copy of  ‘Rock Your Life’ ; book me deliver ‘Life is a Balancing Act’ or my one-woman show, ‘When Bad Blonde Happens to Good Brunette’. 

pps – Read my interview with CEO of EpicCoach, and Podcast with Hewlett Packard.

ppps – I’m a regular contributor to her local newspaper’s column, ‘Spiritually Speaking‘, and is a Life by Me author. 

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