Freedom to Choose

Many of us celebrated the July 4th. holiday with family and friends yesterday.  Many of us may have celebrated it alone.

And, then … many of us spent it by working. 

If you worked – were you ‘free to choose’?   Would you choose differently if you could?

I know sometimes we feel we don’t have a choice; that we need to work or we need to go to that family barbeque.  The question is – regardless of how you spent the day – were you happy doing what you did?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ – Great!  If the answer is ‘No’ – then how can you balance your life to do more of what you enjoy?

It’s not about spending an equal amount of time working versus playing.  It’s about enjoying what you’re doing – NO MATTER what that may be!

It’s about recognizing you have the ‘Freedom to Choose’ your attitude!

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