Peace Begins with Me

Thinking about Veteran’s Day I came across this quote that I thought really applied to our lives as much as our world. 

“The More we Sweat in Peace the Less we Bleed in War.”

 Many of us feel most out-of-balance when we’re ‘at war’ within our own homes.  So, how do we cultivate more peace and harmony and create that balance that we so crave?  First and foremost – within ourselves! 

It’s hard to have peace at home when inside we’re full of frustration, anger, doubt, fear, etc.  These ‘unpeaceful’ emotions spill out into our lives and our families.  We tend to create outward what we’re experiencing ‘inward’.

So, to feel in-balance and live harmoniously – we must begin with cultivating peaceful thoughts.  Thoughts of hope, faith, belief, love, kindness, support, acceptance, empathy, compassion, understanding, etc. These create a calmer, more peaceful demeanor, attitude and atmosphere – resulting in more peace and balance at home.

Peace Does Begin Within!

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1 Response to Peace Begins with Me

  1. Elemental says:

    This one “Peace” has been my mantra for years. When my children would ask me what I wanted for Christmas I would always say World Peace, now they answer the question for me… “what do you want for Christmas dad? oh yeah, that’s right, world peace” They joke about it but I know the understand and more importantly they believe in World Peace.

    So yes, please, Peace, Peace, Peace; it’s one of Love’s closest friend.


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