Winning Hand


“All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of holding on and letting go.”  Henry Ellis 

Living a ‘balanced life’ can be a lot like playing a card game.  We’re dealt our hand and its up to us to decide how to play it out .  Sometimes our strategy is to hold on and other times it’s to let go

We’re juggling so many things in our lives and it’s sometimes hard to keep all the balls in the air.  Ask yourself:  Do I need all these ‘balls’  or can I let some drop??

Of the things you decide to keep, Ask yourself:  Am I holding onto things that support my life?  My goals?  My dreams and desires?  If not – why?  Are you hoping things will change? 

The truth is sometimes they will and sometimes they won’t and we can spend – actually waste – a lot of our time trying to change things when the better strategy is to just let go!

The key to a ‘balanced life’ is learning when and what to let go of – to open up the space for the things we want to come into our lives!!!  Those people, relationships, opportunities, and habits that do support us and keep us balanced!

Tell us what you want to Hold Onto or Let Go of below.  We Love to hear your Comments!

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Here’s to living a Heart-Centered Life!

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2 Responses to Winning Hand

  1. Elemental says:

    So true; at least for me. Letting go of things, material things, is not really a problem for me; yes, it’s true that I have a closet full of stuff and I use the excuse of being an artist to keep them but if they needed to go they’d be gone. My issue, in the past, was holding on to emotional baggage and acting out, in my mind, how I could have done it differently or better; talk about a waste of time… What’s done is done, good, bad or indifferent, and can’t be undone but we must for the sake of our sanity, mental and physical well being, and a different, brighter and better tomorrow let them go. For some, I counted myself as one of the some, this may be a difficult lesson to learn but one that when taken seriously will have amazing results. I hold on to the thought and feeling of “World Peace” and I let go of all the reasons they say it can’t happen.


    • ellenfaith says:

      I love your last statement about ‘World Peace’. This ‘holding on’ to something you believe in and ‘letting go’ of everyone elses’ beliefs about it is really important. When we hold on to someone elses beliefs, ideas and thoughts – it easy to forget what we really believe or want. It’s as if we are living someone else’s life. We need to question our beliefs and constantly ask ourselves if they’re truly ours – or have we adopted them from our parents, society, history, the media, etc. We have to be willing to ‘shed’ our skin – ‘let go’ – to regenerate. Balance your Beliefs with your Questions – now that’s a Winning Hand!


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