Do Be Do

“Never act until you have clearly answered the question:
‘What happens if I do nothing?”  – Robert Brault

Many of us are running around ‘doing‘ – trying to get things done.  We have work, family, community, hobbies, goals, etc. 

But, do we give ourselves the opportunity to stop and think about why we’re doing whatever it is? 

Living a ‘balanced-life’ means asking ourselves if we really need to do this ‘thing’ and what are the consequences if I don’t?

If I don’t – will there be negative consequence?

If I don’t – will it free up time to do something else more important?

If I don’t – will it matter down the road?

If I don’t – will I regret it??

What if????

Don’t be afraid to ask yourself this question and weigh the outcome on both sides of the equation.   That’s how you’ll find the right balance.

And, sometimes the best action is No Action!!! 

Tell us about what you’re contemplating.  We’d love to hear from you!

Here’s to living a ‘Heart-Centered Life’!  


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