Been There Done That

 “Our History is not our Destiny”  – Alan Cohen


Many of us live our lives based on what we did in the past. 


Our culture even teaches us that past history determines future success.  

While our past may contribute to who we are today – it doesn’t need to dictate who we become tomorrow!  

Living  a ‘balanced-life’ means using our history as information, not confirmation – of our futures!  

You decide in every moment where you want your life to go.  

The only place we can create from is the PresentNow!  Otherwise we continue to re-create the past and drag that into our futures. 

Now, if the past is good and we want to create more of that – then by all means build upon your history’ to continue to develop your ‘destiny’.

But, if you want to take your life in a different direction than where you’ve been in the past – you have to leave your history behind you.  Take your lessons with you – your ‘degree‘ and hang it on your ‘life wall‘.  Then – enroll in the new program you want to be in and don’t look back! 

Don’t ever limit yourself to only those things you’ve already done.  

Your life is comprised of many chapters, many paths, and many different destinations.   Just make sure you enjoy the ride!

Here’s to living a Heart-Centered Life!

Tell us about your Destiny below!

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