Love is the Balancer

Love comes to those who still hope, even though they’ve been disappointed,
to those who still love even though they’ve been hurt before.
” – Unknown

Love!  I can’t think of anything else that brings people as much happiness as love.  And I’m not just talking about romantic love.  There are many forms of love and many degrees of loving. 
Love of our significant others, love of our children, parents, and families. Love of friends, community, causes.  Love of our pets, our food, our jobs, hobbies, and activities.
Love – no matter who or what you love – springs eternal.  And, Loving – no matter your disappointments and heartache – is still the best thing in the world.

Living a ‘balance life’ is recognizing that love is the only thing that will maintain that balance.   Keeping our hearts open and living our lives from a heart-centered place means loving unconditionally.

We’ve all had disappointments, heartbreaks and heartaches.  Yet is that a good enough reason to stop loving?  The only one who really suffers is ourselves.  Love is and always will be the great balancer of our lives.
 If you missed your chance yesterday to tell someone you love them – what are you waiting for?   There’s no time like the present! 
Go ahead and tell someone you love them  right now.   Leave your comments below.
Here’s to living a Heart-Centered Life!
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