MBA (Mind-Body-Approach) to Managing Health & Wellness

Guest Post by Judy Hill, M.A. of RedWolf Consulting Group

I am often fascinated- intrigued really – by the approach people take to live life.

You see it everywhere you go and in so many you know.  The persistence to struggle when it’s really not necessary. To win at playing the blame game. Associating responsibility with a four letter word and using quick fixes as the drug of choice.

All temporary, non-productive or proactive means to attain what they want.  And what do most of us truly want …. joy, happiness, success, financial abundance, meaningful partnerships and good health.

The miss-identification is that these “basic fundamentals of life” are created by environmental, societal or even or hereditary conditions but in actuality are more a manifestation and creation of the beliefs and patterns that are carried from generation to generation.

“Life changes when one is willing to step into it fully and look beyond what has been the ‘familiar’.”
So how do we change what we have always known? The first step is deciding that if you want something different you need to do things differently.

If you want to lose weight, reduce stress, be healthier, have greater financial abundance or find the “one” you need to look at how you currently go about this process and in most cases you will find that you not only approach it in a similar way, over and over and over again…..But unconsciously you believe the outcome will be the same.

For the past several years I have, with great compassion and extreme enthusiasm coached, mentored and consulted hundreds of diverse clients including private individuals, executives, managers  and company staffs, offering them instructional guidance on how to empower and change their lives! 

How do I know that my Mind-Body Approach works. I am living testament.

My pain and loss began at the age of four which is when I began to manipulate, blame and later continually manifest the same boring job, the same bad relationship, financial lack, fear, weight gain, stress and a little self-worth all because I didn’t understand at the time how to do anything differently – I failed to believe in my own ability to change the way it has always been – the way I believed it was for me.

Today, I still encounter life challenges and struggles, but resolve them differently and more effectively. I see myself successful, happy and living an abundant life.

I have learned how to  apply the 4 elements of the Mind-Body Approach to my overall health and wellness, joy and success.

The key to understanding and working with the “MBA”  is to view  ALL areas and ALL aspects – simultaneously – integrating your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas while you move through and resolve each challenge you face.

Lastly, I will leave you with this: Embracing your uniqueness’ empowers change.

Mentor yourself with creative consciousness and compassionate insightfulness to guide your determined external resolutions through your internal contributions!


Thanks Judy for your great advice!  You can learn more about Judy’s approach to Health & Wellness and her programs on her website at RedWolf Consulting Group. 

Don’t forget to Join me when I interview Judy on March 10th. at 10:00am on ‘Heart-Centered Life’  BlogTalkRadio show.

Here’s to living a ‘Heart-Centered Life’!

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