Rich + Light = Ahhh!!!


“You pray for good health and a body that will be strong in old age. Good – but your rich foods block god’s answer and tie Jupiters hands.” – Persius

Ah – the age old question of how do we balance good health with good food! 

I know for myself that I love certain rich foods including lasagna and chocolate cake!  But, I also love how my body feels when I fill it with nutritious food such as grilled veggies, fresh fruits, grains and lean meat. 

There are so many studies, research, correlations, etc. between our health and our food.  One day a food is good for us – the next day it’s not.  How do we know what to believe anymore?  I for one – love coffee and wine.  I’ve read contradictory studies on both of these liquids so I had to make a decision as to what was best for me! 

I do agree that certain foods and liquids should be consumed in moderation and for some people – not at all.  The key to living a happy ‘balanced-life’, for me, is enjoying everything I eat without guilt!  

I happily eat burgers and pizza, salads and yogurt, ice-cream and cake, and fruit and veggies.  I  have learned to balance my diet with ‘rich and light food’  and I enjoy a varied and yummy diet!

Tell us what your favorite foods are and how you ‘balance’ your healthy diet.

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