Move and Groove to your own Beat

Exercise for Life-long Health and Wellness

“There are really only two requirements
when it comes to exercise.
One is that you do it.
The other is that you continue to do it.”                       Anonymous



Without getting into the discussion about how much exercise one needs – it is definately agreed by all that one needs to exercise – Period!

And it’s not enough to get into good physical shape and condition and then stop – figuring you’ve achieved your goal – you’re done! 

 No, just like everything else in life, exercise is a continual journey – not a destination. 

The key to living a fit ‘balanced-life’, for me, is finding different activities that I enjoy to keep me motivated.  I go through stages and likes/dislikes about different forms of exercise.  But over the years I have developed an interest in many different forms of movement.  So don’t feel that it has to always be the same thing.

I enjoy running, lifting weights, playing racquetball and tennis, swimming, dancing, yoga, ice skating, inline skating, kick-boxing and even wrestling!  Who knows what I may enjoy doing tomorrow or next year?!

So don’t worry about having to be an ‘olympic‘ athlete – just go out and ‘Move your Body’!  The reward is in the movement – and in the way our bodies feel and perform when we take good physical care of them.

And … yes –  sometimes a stroll through the mall or to your favorite coffee shop counts!  And, you don’t even need to put on any special gear.  As Nike says, ‘Just Do it’.

Go ahead and ‘Move and Groove to your own Beat’!

Here’s to living a ‘Heart-Centered Life’!

Tell us your favorite form of exercise or movement below.

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