Precious Moments

Wasting TimeTime = life; therefore, waste your time
and waste of your life,
or master your time and master your life
.”  – Alan Lakein 

The biggest lament I hear from people is that they
don’t have enough time for everything in their day.  Or they feel they waste so much of their day doing things  that take up too much time – none of which contributes to their overrall happiness.

So … What’s a person to do?

How do we not waste this precious resource and reserve some for the important things in our life?

First, we need prioritize the things we need to get done and schedule them into our day the best way possible.  Then …. leave wiggle room for interuptions, emergencies, and  unexpected delays.

Living a ‘Balanced-Life’ means mastering the fine art of ‘Time Management’!

One of the biggest time wasters for people is spending too much time on the internet, watching TV, and social media.  Now, there’s no right or wrong amount of time to spend on  these things – it’s whether or not it’s eating into time you need or want to spend on
other things.

I know for myself, if I really need to get something done, I can’t have my email open because it’s too distracting.  I also don’t use notifications for things like Facebook and other social media sites.  Time I spend there is scheduled after I do everything else on my calendar.

The key is to make sure you’re spending time on the things that are moving your life forward and on things you really enjoy.  Otherwise, you may just be wasting your Precious Time!

So, how do you spend your Precious Time?  What are some of your biggest Time Wasters?  Tell us below in the comments.

Here’s to living a ‘Heart-Centered Life’!

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