Nothing Wasted – Nothing Enjoyed!

Enjoy your Wasted Time
One thing about managing our time is making sure we’ve given ourselves time to ‘waste’
And, I’m not talking about the ‘wiggle-room’ on our schedules.  I mean giving ourselves permission to just ‘be‘. 
Nothing Scheduled, Nothing Planned, Nada, Zilch. 
It is in this ‘space‘ that we Recharge, Rejuvinate, Relax! 
So, how do you enjoy this time?  Watching TV, playing with your cat, surfing the net, lying on the couch???  It really doesn’t matter.  It’s spontaenous and personal!
Living a ‘Balanced Life’ means enjoying this time!  You’re already scheduled within an inch of your life – you can afford a few wasted hours from time to time! 
Let us know how you like to waste time and leave your comments below.
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Here’s to living a ‘Heart-Centered Life’!
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