Heart-Centered Organizing

Heart-Centered Organizing
Guest Post by Star Hansen of Simplified Spaces.
In the spirit of Heart- Centered Living, I wanted to explore the concept of heart centered organizing.  As a professional organizer, I see every side of clutter and the organization which follows.  I see on a daily basis what causes clutter and I feel very honored to see what cures clutter.  
Clutter, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is to fill or cover with scattered or disordered things that impede movement or reduce effectiveness.  I describe it as anything that’s holding you back from what you want & what makes you happy.  Take a look at your clutter.  What does it keep you from doing?   
The natural antidote to clutter is intention and awareness.  By mindfully creating an intention for your space you can eliminate the clutter in your home and in your mind.  We may have more going on in our lives these days, but getting organized isn’t about cutting down on the many blessings of your life.  You certainly wouldn’t want to miss your son’s softball game because you need to organize your entryway closet.  Instead of thinking of organizing as cutting things out of your life, think of organizing as including only what serves your happiness, and releasing the rest.  Basically, it means living with intention.  Sounds like a good idea, but how do you do that in a day to day way?  With 6 little words.  What are these magical words?  Well, that’s up to you.  Intention is different for each person, so here’s how you find your words.  First you choose one room of your house to start with.  Then you satisfy each of these steps for that space:
Step One:  Determine what activities will take place in that space.   Choose three activities you would like to do in that area.  More than three and you’ve got a recipe for clutter.  Make a system or a home for the activities you will be doing.  If you like to open mail on the kitchen counter, create a mail inbox for your mail to land when you bring it in the house.  Include a letter opener, pen and stamps.  Keep a trash bin nearby or position your mail system near the trash & recycling cans.
Step Two: Determine how you want that space to feel.  Choose three adjectives that describe how you want your space to feel.  You may want your living room to feel welcoming, comfortable and expressive. These words should be highly personal and represent what brings you happiness in that space.   
Step Three:  Once you have chosen your words, write them down.  There is power in claiming your intention on paper.  If you need to, hang the list on the wall in that room until you get used to the process.  
Living Your Words
Every single item in your room should satisfy those six words.  If it doesn’t, then it doesn’t belong in your space.  If it belongs to another space in your home, move it there.  If it doesn’t fit in with the general intention of your life, release that item into the world and allow someone else to receive it.  It just may be the answer to one of their prayers.  As for incoming items, only allow items into your space that align with your words.  Every item we own either lifts us up or weighs us down.  Cross checking your intention list makes sure that you only allow items into your space that align with your happiness and goals.    
When Clutter Visits
If you see piles starting to grow in a space, as we all do from time to time, it may be because you are doing an activity there that hasn’t been planned for.  You may need to create a home for that activity in your space, move the activity to another area of the house which may work better for it, or release that activity from your life.  Take time to revisit your heart-centered words and allow them to direct you to the items that best align you with your intentions.  
Six little words infused with intention will get you on the right track to living an organized and heart centered life.  It’s not always the actions we take that help us achieve our goals, but the decisions we make, and continue to make on a daily basis, which eventually deliver our goals to our doorstep.  You deserve a life filled with joy, not stuff, so claim it…one word at a time!
Star Hansen is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers on both national and local levels.  She combines organizing techniques with self care, education, fun and a positive mindset, in order to achieve long term successful results.   To book Star for your projects e-mail bookstar@simplifiedspaces.org.
Thank you Star for your great article and suggestions!  Looking forward to having you on the BlogTalkRadio show on Saturday, May 12th. at 10:00am.
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One Response to Heart-Centered Organizing

  1. NCLL says:

    I really enjoyed this show, I like the way Star spoke about how our external lives can be representative of our internal thoughts; what’s going on, within us, can express in our daily lives as a messy room, office, even our automobiles can become a dumping ground.


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