Less is More

Less Equals More
“Less is More.”  – Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
If you have any amount of clutter around your home or office, you can certainly relate to this quote – especially if you have to dust around it!

Ask yourself if you really need all of it?
 Can you give some of it away?  Can you put some away in storage?  
What about if you’re a ‘Collector‘?   Or they’re gifts? 
Do what museums do and put them on ‘Exhibit and then rotate them in and out!
Living a ‘Balanced Life’ means living with less so that we have more Space, Energy and Enjoyment of what we truly want! 
As we talked about last week, if it doesn’t uplift you, beautify your space, or isn’t something you really need, it’s taking away space (and energy) from other things.
This week I challenge you to ‘Clear out the Clutter’.  I guarantee you’ll find that Less really Equals More!!!
Tell us what you need to clear and clean  out below.
Join us this Saturday for my interview with Star Hansen of Simplied Spaces on BlogTalkRadio at 10:00am 5/12! 
‘Here’s to Living a Heart-Centered Life’ ™!
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