No Time Like the Present

“If you want to make an easy job seem mighty hard, just keep putting off doing it.”  – Olin Miller

Have you ever noticed that your pile(s) of clutter tends to multiply and grow?  We keep saying we’ll clean it up tomorrow when we have more time.  Yet, tomorrow we can’t because _________ (fill in the blank)! 
Tomorrow never seems to come
The longer we put off doing something – especially when it comes to managing clutter, the harder it will be.  Take an easy‘ 10 mins. today and clear out one area of your home.  Or take 5 mins. and clear out any ‘negative thoughts’ you have cluttering your mind. 
Don’t put off today what will be harder tomorrow!
Living a  ‘Balanced Life’  means making the time to manage your clutter! 

What is stopping you from de-cluttering?  What area needs the most attention?  Tell us below – we love to hear your comments.

‘Here’s to living a Heart-Centered Life’!

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