Clutter Free Mind

Clutter - Free

“Reducing visual clutter helps reduce mental clutter.” 


Having too much clutter around your home or office is usually more than about having too much stuff!  There are underlying issues going on with excess clutter or organizational issues. 
Plus, Visual clutter is very draining!
Every time we look at it we’re thinking about needing to clean it up!  It drains our energy, distracts us from other things we need or want to do, and it causes us undue emotional strain.
Visual clutter represents Mental Clutter!
If you’re desk is scattered with papers, your mind is probably scattered with thoughts.  If your closet is overflowing with clothers, your mind is probably overflowing with unfinished business.  If your car is cluttered with trash, your mind is probably cluttered with thoughts of ‘less than’.
No matter what is cluttering your life – we always have the key to manage it!
Living a  ‘Balanced Life’  means managing our minds so their free from clutter. The more focused we are in mind, the less clutter we have in form – or in our homes! 
Tell us what thoughts clutter your mind?  What is your biggest  organizing challenge?  We’d love to hear your thoughts!
‘Here’s to living a Heart-Centered Life’
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