Finding Holiday Joy within Grief


Reprinted from WebMD.

It’s a disappointing truth: Holiday cheer can be difficult to come by if you’re facing emotional pain caused by a loss. But experts urge us to muster our inner strength — to find bits of holiday joy amid the grief.

Loss of a loved one, loss of a job, a divorce, illness — all these bring grief to our lives, says Lisa Lewis, PhD, director of psychology at The Menninger Clinic in Houston. “There’s loss when a child leaves home for college, or when a child gets married. These are normal transitions, but they do create a sense of loss.”

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Right now the whole country is experiencing the loss
of so many innocent lives in CT.  Many families are mourning the loss
of family members that have passed away.  Some families are dealing with the loss of loved ones overseas.  Others are missing family members that are sick and hospitalized.
Still others are facing the loss of income, jobs, homes and divorce.
And then there’s the loss of someone’s company  when they live so far away.

How do we find the strength …
let alone some joy during this period of time?

Open your Heart and be Grateful for the Good
in your life Now and Celebrate the Blessings
that all the People in your Life have brought You.

Living a ‘Balanced Life’ means balancing your
Grief with Moments of Joy!

‘Here’s to Living a Heart-Centered Life’!



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