Open Your Heart


Falling in Love.  There’s nothing like it!  I’ve been falling in love with people in my life my whole life.  I think it first started when I was a little girl when I fell in love with my father.  I was definitely ‘daddy’s little girl’.  It then moved on to some boy in nursery school, who I vaguely remember kissing behind a bush and has never stopped.  Junior High, High School, College and beyond.  I have loved and lost and loved again many times.

But once I have fallen in love – I have stayed in love – with those people I have connected to on a deep level.  These relationships and connections are what sustain me and give my life meaning.  My friendships and the community of people that I have attracted to myself are a testament of my loving and living my life from a ‘heart-centered’ place.  Every person I have loved has left an imprint on my heart and has opened me up to love even more – even deeper.

I feel most disconnected when I isolate myself.  On my darkest days when I feel like my life isn’t working or that things are imploding around me, I realize I have stopped ‘loving’.  Loving myself, loving those in my life, loving life all together.  It is at that time I need to find ways to fall in love all over again.

I think one of the biggest mistakes people make when they fall ‘out-of-love’ with someone or their situation, is they look for blame.  I came to realize that everything happens for a reason.  I may not know what that is but if I can look at each day as another opportunity to reside in my loving, I will find the gifts.

So, I have never had any regrets about relationships that didn’t work out the way I thought – or hoped they would –  because I recognize they’ve each helped me to become the who I am.  Each one has given me something that I needed at the time to evolve and grow for my highest good.  Sometimes it’s not about me but what I can give to the other person.

Begin each day with the questions, “What gifts can I bring to those I love”?  What gifts are there for me to receive”?  And then just open your heart to all the love that is around you, everywhere, everyday.

Here’s to Living a Heart-Centered Life!

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