Good Intentions

smart“A goal without an action plan
is a daydream.

Nathaniel Branden

I don’t believe anyone sets a goal without the intention of completing it.
Yet so many of us create our goals
without planning out how to achieve them.

I know because I did this last year!

I had Good Intentions – but No Action Plan!
Without a plan – or roadmap – my goals stayed
nothing more than dreams.

If you’re like me – you dreamt those dreams for a reason!
They are important to you.  They’re something you really want!
This is the Year to make them come true!

Take time to sit down to create S.M.A.R.T. Goals
and develop a Plan of Action to complete them.

Specific:  What exactly do you want to achieve?  Instead of ‘Get into Shape’.  It becomes ‘Lose 5 lbs and drop one pants size’

Measurable:  How will you observe your forward progress?  I will weigh myself daily  & I will use a tape-measure to measure my waist.

Action-Oriented:  What steps will I put into place to move toward my goal?  I will follow a eating-plan that has less calories than I’m consuming now and I will exercise 30mins. daily.

Relevant/Realistic:  First of all – WHY is this goal important me?  And – is it realistic and attainable?  Am I willing to do what it takes to achieve?  Only YOU can answer that question.  It needs to be at least a 6-7 on a scale of 1-10 — otherwise you probably won’t have the staying power.

Time-Bound:  When do you want to complete this goal by?  And, WHY?  Is it a hard-deadline or soft-deadline?  Do you have a reunion or special event coming up?  Birthday?  Just want to be in better shape for yourself?  If you don’t have a hard deadline, pick one!  Otherwise – you’ll give yourself excuses and delays for not completing it.

Take those dreams and make them reality!

Here’s to Living a Heart-Centered Life!

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