Life is a Celebration



Decide Every Day is a Celebration: While we usually wait to have something to celebrate – to celebrate – who says you can’t find something to celebrate every day? Celebrate when your son takes out the trash without being asked. Celebrate when your daughter does homework without being nagged.  Celebrate yourself for going for that run you promised yourself you would.  Find something every day to celebrate and every day will feel like a celebration. 

Special Occasions:  Ok – I know I just said to celebrate every day, AND, also do something special to celebrate those special occasions too.  Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, Weddings, Holidays – you name it.  Celebrate in a way that’s meaningful to you.  Doesn’t have to be big.  Doesn’t have to be small.  But it should be recognized for all!

The Planet:  We celebrate the planet on ‘Earth Day’ – but every day should be a day to celebrate the air we breathe, the water we drink, the trees, the mountains, the ocean, the lakes and rivers, the valleys and desert, the open plains, the dense forest, the glaciers and volcanoes, the caves and the canyons, the rain and the snow, and everything else that supports life on the` planet – including all the animals & people!
Choice:  Celebrate your ability to choose what you want to celebrate every day!  What you want to eat, do, wear, go, be!  Choose well and you’ll always have something to celebrate!

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