Happy Spirit – Happy Life

happy_signMoving Forward Month

“Those who move forward with a
Happy Spirit will find that things
always work out.” –Gordon B. Hinckley

Moving Forward can be Challenging
or Moving Forward can be Exciting.

What Determines our Experience?


We can choose a ‘Happy Spirit’ to move forward and view every experience as positive in our life.
We can choose a Fearful or Negative attitude constantly afraid that things won’t work out,
almost expecting the worst!

It’s always our Choice!

So, how do I flip the switch from fear to faith?
From Negative to Positive?

I decide that No Matter What,
Everything is Happening Exactly as it should!

I’m either Learning and Growing, or
I’m Blaming and Stagnating!

Living a Heart-Centered Life means
Expecting that Things Always Work Out!

Here’s to Living a Heart-Centered Life!

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1 Response to Happy Spirit – Happy Life

  1. Heart-Centered Life says:

    Today, like every day, I will move forward knowing that everything will work out exactly as it should! How about you? Let me know your thoughts and how you keep a ‘Happy Spirit’.


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