New Perspective



“Be willing to abandon everything you believe, to be open to learning a different perspective.”Ellen Contente


Lifelong Learning Month
Learning Never Ends

We spend the better part of our early years
in life being taught what we should know.

Implicit in these ‘teachings‘ is what we should believe.

Our families teach us.
Our schools teach us.
Our friends teach us.
Our society teaches us.

Then we spend the rest of our lives holding these
beliefs as if they’re our own.

One of the biggest Opportunities we have in life is to
examine our ‘beliefs’ and ask ourselves as Katie Byron suggests,

Are They True?
Do I really Believe this?
Where did it Come From?
Does this Belief Serve Me?

We must be Brave to stand-up to a belief that isn’t really ours and Courageous to learn a new way of Thinking.

I needed to learn how to stand up to my Religious beliefs and I realized they weren’t something I wanted to believe anymore.  Instead, I choose to study spirituality and embrace different truths, which I continue to learn at the Global Truth Center in LA. (Here’s my recent talk on learning how to be yourself)

Don’t Believe Everything you Think.
Don’t Accept Everything you Feel.
Don’t Agree with Everything you Say.

What is it you WANT to Think? Feel?  Do?  Are you living your Truths?  Your Dreams?  Your Reality???

In my new program, HCP DreamBuilder, these are the EXACT questions I have you ask yourself so you can let go of what is not your truth and Dream a Bigger Dream for your life.

And, to BELIEVE you can have it!

If this sounds good to you – Come Join Us.   New sessions are starting Soon – email me for a Complimentary Strategy Session to learn how this program can support you.

Living a Heart-Centered Life means balancing
 Old Beliefs with New Understandings!

Here’s to Living a Heart-Centered Life!

Please comment below.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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