Blind Focus


“Put blinders on  those things that
conspire to hold you back,
especially those in your head.” – Meryl Streep

Do you have Voices in your head that tell you what you Can or Can’t do?

I call them the ‘Cheerleader’ and the ‘Challenger’!

One is EncouragingCheering you On.
The other is DiscouragingChallenging your Desires!

Who are you going to listen to?

It takes Strength & Courage to ‘Talk Back’ to the Naysayer in your Head.  The voice that tries to hold you back and stop you from making Positive Changes.

Think of horse races and the blind focus on the goal!

Living a Heart-Centered Life means balancing saying Yes to what you want and No with what holds you back!

What are you Saying ‘Yes‘ to?

I’m saying Yes to a Healthier, Happier existence!  Relax More – Stress less – Have more Fun and Joy in my Life.

What is Holding you Back?

Well … for me it’s the voice that tells me all the things I should be doing.  The voice that says you’re not working hard enough – earning enough.  The voice that says you’re not good enough – deserving enough. Do you know that voice too?

Are you Ready to make those Positive Changes?  Absolutely!!!!

I’m more than ready! How about You!

Share your Comments below!

Here’s to living a Heart-Centered Life!

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