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Happy Almost 2019!

I’m excited about making plans for the New Year!  How about you? No???  Maybe?
Well – that’s where I can help!  I decided to get clear about how I can assist more people and I’m launching the ‘Year of Giving‘.  I’ll be giving away something every day of the year in 2019. (Watch for my upcoming newsletter).

But, I thought … why not start now!  I’m launching a new coaching program and scheduling strategy sessions  through early next year.

These 75-min. sessions will help you: 

  • Get Clear about What you Want to do in 2019
  • Create a Goal
  • And set-up Support!  

Don’t start the New Year Confused, Lost & Perplexed!  

These sessions are usually $250 but I’m offering a year-end 50% Discount.   

AND – I’m giving away my time to the FIRST 3 PEOPLE that register.  You will receive a FREE FOLLOW-UP session at no cost!  Plus, if you decide to enroll in the full-program,  I will apply what you’ve paid to the cost.

Don’t Delay!  Register Today!  Remember, the first 3 People get an additional session at NO COST!

Here’s to living a Heart-Centered Life filled with Passion, Purpose & Play!

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