M&M_BookCoverMany of you have read my weekly ‘M&M’s’- Motivational Musings that ran every Wednesday for about five years!  Well … now you’ll be able to read them in a 2-Volume Set!

I took the best ones and compiled them into the Monthly Topics that I’ve written about over the years.  The 2-Volume set will include 24 different topics, 104 different quotes and my musings about each one!

Here’s what’s in Volume One:

  • January:        Positive Expectancy
  • February:      L.O.V.E. (Loving Oneself Valuing Everyone)
  • March:            Power of Kindness  
  • April:               Foolishness 
  • May:                 Mindful Awareness* (See excerpt below)
  • June:                Mindset 
  • July:                 Health & Wellness 
  • August:           Keeping Cool   
  • September:   Lifelong Learning  
  • October:         Life’s Transitions 
  • November:    Giving Thanks and Gratitude 
  • December:     Holiday Stress

Available Now on Amazon.  Click HERE to purchase a copy & provide a review.



* Mindful Awareness

“Our life is shaped by our mind, we become what we think.Buddha

Many people believe what they become is based on what life has ‘dealt’ them.

Their Genetics.
Their Upbringing.
Their Order in the Family.
Their Education.
Their Opportunities.

The List Goes On!

The Real Truth – what I’ve come to Understand, is I shape my life by my Beliefs.

My Beliefs create an ‘Action Plan’; Some Conscious – Some Not!

If you’re Not the Person you want to be, Look at your Thoughts!

About Yourself.
About your Environment.
About the World Around You.

Then change them to support what you want to have in your life; what you want to achieve’; WHO YOU WANT TO BE!

You can Think yourself Thin!
You can Think yourself Rich!
You can Think yourself Happy!

Whatever you Think About – You Bring About!

Living a Heart-Centered Life means shaping your Thoughts for your Reality!

 Bring it On!




I’m so Excited and Honored to be one of the Inspiring authors in the new book, ‘Rock Your Life’.    There are so many Heart-warming stories you won’t be able to put it down!  I’m still pinching myself that my personal story is one of them!

  • Discover Dean Cain’s other ‘Superpowers’
  • Be inspired by Captain Charles Parker POW story of Forgiveness 
  • Learn how Don Cromwell started touring with Air Supply
  • And my story called ‘A Wing and a Prayer’

Here’s the first few paragraphs ...

If someone had told me that my fifties would be the best years of my life, I’d have laughed in their face!  Surely you jest!  But crows feet and wrinkles aside, if the next decade is anything like the last – bring it on!  I’ve accomplished more in the past ten years than in all the years leading up to them.  And I did it all on a ‘Wing and a Prayer’.
Since turning 50, I went back to school twice; received my Masters in Spiritual Psychology, then my Doctorate.  I became licensed as a Religious Science Practitioner and Minister with the Global Truth Center. I founded ‘Heart-Centered Programs’, my Corporate Training and Consulting business.  I also traveled to Japan, South Africa and Denmark; all while flying back and forth to Oklahoma to help care for my ailing mother.
As a self-starter, I’ve taken every seminar you can imagine on Business and Personal Development; including walking across hot coals, sitting in a sweat lodge, and climbing the ‘Tower of Doom’.   I created a radio show, wrote articles, and developed programs including ‘Life is a Balancing Act’, my signature workshop.  All on pretty much a ‘Wing and a Prayer’!

I hope you want to finish reading my story and the other incredible stories in the book! I purchased a handful of them to make available for sale to my readers and clients – so if you’d like your own autographed copy (by me), then click below!  (You can buy it on Amazon – but I know you want your own personalized inscription and FREE shipping)





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