FREE INTRO to The Bigger Game Transformational Workshop

Date:  TBD

Where: TBD


Do You Long To Have:

  • More Joy & Fulfillment in your Life?
  • A sense that You’re Making a Difference in the World?
  • Courage to step out of your Comfort Zone and take Bold Action?

Well– You’re not Alone!

Come Join us for this FREE Informative and Interactive Workshop

and discover how playing The Bigger Game can literally Change your Life!

You’ll actually get to PLAY  and see where you are on the board RIGHT NOW!

Everyone receives a FREE GIFT and COUPON for 50% Off the 2-Day Workshop.                                                                                                    

“Just wanted to let you know Ellen’s class was amazing! A 10 out of 10!  Thank you so much for offering such a great class.” – Past attendee

Presented by Ellen Contente, M.A., RScP, Founder, Heart-Centered Programs

Registration: (818) 983-1853 or



30 Days of Love! 

L.O.V.E.: Loving Oneself Valuing Everyone

Fall in Love Again …with Yourself & Your Life!

This is your invitation to live a more Loving and Uplifting Life.  Fall in love with Yourself, your Life, and deepen your existing relationships during this 30-day program of Daily Inspiration, Insight, and Introspection.  Learn Heart-Centered Tips, straight from the heart and aimed at your heart, to create a life you love while becoming a more loving person with yourself and those you care about.  Be the lover you’ve always wanted to be!

Begins:  February 15th.

WHAT: Online Daily Call & Blog Lesson; Archived & Recorded



Stress Less – Smile More:  Strategies for Living a Stress-Free Life

The only people that have absolutely NO stress are dead! So — you’re not alone in having stress in your life – you’re normal! Who is this class for? Everyone! Join us and you’ll learn powerful strategies, tips and skills to proactively manage the stress in your daily life. Discover your personal ‘stress-triggers’, how to eliminate self-sabotaging behavior that can contribute to your stress, and find ways to streamline areas of your life to live more simply. We’ll learn simple relaxation exercises and a deceptively simple “5-Senses” approach to minimizing stress in the moment.


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