The Bigger Game Program


Hi Everyone!  Here’s my Bigger Game Players from the Global Truth Center from our April Workshop!

If you’re looking for something that will help you Discover, Uncover or Recover your Passion, Purpose & Playfulness, then you need to JOIN ME  for this Experiential Workshop.

Here’s what some of the participants had to say:

“Ellen is such an inspiration … it was a transforming experience.” – Jan Jones

“I walked in surrounded by fog and left with clarity and ‘boom’.” – Lori Savage


October 17, 2015
New York City


Where: Belcham, 1177 Ave. of the Americas, New York, NY



Rick Tamlyn co-created Bigger-Game in 2001 as a way to inspire executives, leaders, and individuals to get out of their comfort zones and invent the life they want.

The Bigger Game is a concept that will take you only nine minutes to understand, and a lifetime to play. It looks like a simple tic-tac-toe board, with descriptives such as “Gulp” and “Bold Action” attached to each square.

The Bigger Game was designed with the premise that life itself is one big game. And if life is a game, then why not play one that excites, fulfills, and challenges you.

The Bigger Game has caught the eye of Fortune 1000 companies, non-profits, churches, groups, and individuals around the world. At its core, The Bigger Game helps people find their compelling purpose. It is an innovative model that guides you to create a set of circumstances that will intentionally design who you want to become.

Learn More & Schedule a Program:





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